Tears of happiness

It is not an exaggeration when we say that we become very close friends with our clients. In some way, our process allows us to connect with them in unimaginable ways. Sometimes, not just as designers, but also as coaches, advisors, psychologists… We love listening to them. When we sit down to get to know them or conduct strategy workshops, we ask questions that open doors and allow us to delve into deep topics. This creates a connection on another level, and as a result, the client/provider barrier is often broken, and the window to friendship opens.

In a particular case, during the strategy workshops, we asked questions that touched many sensitive chords and allowed us to reach their heart and understand what motivated them to create this project. When it came time to design, we remembered the words they used. One phrase they often used was, “what a yellow happiness.” Therefore, when we sat down to create, it was inevitable to think that yellow had to be a fundamental part of the brand’s color. For them, this colloquial phrase used on several occasions made us understand that happiness was literally the color yellow for them.

That’s how the day we delivered their brand, in a face-to-face meeting that felt more than just work, one among friends, as the slides of the presentation progressed, we began to see tears running down their face. Those tears were accompanied by a smile from ear to ear and eyes that sparkled with excitement. At the end, a resounding “WOWWWW!” broke the silence, it was very emotional, and we hugged. They told us that we had managed to capture their essence in every stroke and idea we created, and they felt completely identified with their brand.

On that day, we reaffirmed that what we do has a tremendous impact on our clients, and it is our responsibility to create brands that inspire and touch the deepest fibers of the people we create them for. It is stories like these that make us love what we do.